Gaia’s Essence 6th Annual Women’s Wellness Conference – September 27th, 2014: 12pm-8pm @ the Islandia, NY Marriott 3635 Express Drive North, Islandia, NY 11749

Keynote: Wake Up! Time To Take Center Stage

Excelling at Work / Life Balance with Joan Frances Moran

Grow Your Mind.  Grow Your Life.

7469-8x10Joan Frances Moran knows how difficult and challenging it is to present change in a person’s life. And the theme of Moving Forward for Gaia’s Essence Women’s Conference on Wellness means change!

Joan inspires, motivates and teaches management, employees and business leaders to achieve optimal wellness, positive change and dynamic relationships. By encouraging audiences to stretch the mind at any age and get rid of mental inertia, Joan challenges her audiences to become a change agent for a healthier, happier and a more productive life.

People love their comfort zone in work and in life – old habits die hard – and fear of change produces paralysis in the areas of creativity and innovation in the work place and in life. A less rigid mindset increases productivity and creativity and further encourages excellence and balance in life and in work.

Joan will help you analyze your present situation and offer proven techniques that will address the problem of work/life balance by demonstrating how her Mind Fuel Toolkit for Life Renewal will reduce resistance, embrace change, foster resilience and empower your inner warrior.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Streamline Time Management By Practicing Daily Intentions
  • Reduce Stress & Self-Defeating Limitations
  • Exercise Mindfulness And Be Present To Everyday Gifts
  • Reduce Personal Stress And Attract Positive Relationships
  • Effectively Balance Your Mind/Body/Spirit It’s time to rekindle your passions, your energy and your life.

It’s time to become part of the Joan’s next Revolution in Personal Development!

About Joan Moran

Joan Moran is a bold, 70 year young Lifestyle Leader and Mindset Expert. Joan inspires and motivates management, employees and business leaders to achieve optimal wellness, positive change and dynamic relationships.

As a speaker, writer and blogger, Joan combines 25 years of theater experience as well as 10 years of experience as a yoga and meditation instructor at UCLA. Joan is the author of her humorous memoir, 60,Sex & Tango: Confessions of a Beatnik Boomer.  She is also a regular blogger on the Huffington Post. She was recently seen on Fox 11 morning show “Good Day LA” with Steve Edwards.

Blog page:
Twitter: @joanfmoran

Huffington Post Archive of Joan Moran’s blogs:

How To Reverse the 7 Signs of Stress with Vanessa Cunningham


7 Ways Stress Manifests in the Body Let’s face it; if you’re living in the 21st century, stress inevitable. You experience stress in your everyday life from: working in fast-paced environments, working long hours, family life, and the list goes on. Although stress is seen in a negative light, it’s actually essential for everyday living. Stress reactions are triggered whether you are being chased down by a dog or excited about a job promotion. The area of concern is chronic stress. When you lose the ability to cope and bring your body back into a balanced state. If left unmanaged it can lead to a host of psychological and physical harm to the body. When the body overproduces cortisol (stress hormone) the end product can manifests itself in these 7 ways: acne, weight gain, a weakened immune system, digestive issues, emotional distress, decreased sex drive and even life-threatening diseases. Or see press kit for additional topics.

Vanessa Cunningham is a Health Coach & Wellness Expert for people who struggle to lose weight, have low energy and want more balance in their lives. Through her one-on-one coaching programs, dynamic workshops and scintillating blog posts, she empowers her clients to thrive at work and in life.
As a child she struggled with weight issues that continued into her adulthood. Going from one fad diet to the next, she felt like she was on a weight loss roller coaster. At the age of 27 she decided to be her first client and take control of her health. She designed a nutrition and fitness plan that was fun and easy for her to incorporate into her life and lost 30 pounds. Since then she’s been able to maintain her weight while enjoying better health.
When she finally overcame those struggles, she was astounded at how much better she felt and how being more healthy and fit boosted her confidence and self-image. This breakthrough ultimately fueled her decision to leave a successful career in the financial services industry to follow her heart and help others improve their health, too.
Her expert advice has been featured on The Huffington Post,, MommyNoire and MindBodyGreen. Her adoring fans have called her a “tell it as it is coach” and a “transformational coach.”
And when she’s not teaching busy professionals how to live a balanced life and fit healthy living into their hectic schedules, you can find her indulging in self-help books, hanging out with her friends in NYC, or with her family in Long Island.
Meet Vanessa + get ready to live a life of vibrant health and happiness minus the stress and overwhelm.

What’s Your GPS (General Perception of Self)? with Vallori C. Thomas

Drive Your Life as Opposed to Being Driven. In this interactive, experiential 30-minute workshop participants will:

  • uncover the underlying assumptions and hidden beliefs preventing them from getting to the next level
  • create new possibilities for their lives
  • understand the power of choice and it’s role in creating and living the life of their dreams

vtVallori Thomas is a certified life coach known for delivering potent results. She has expertise in team/group dynamics, communication, and both one-to-one and group coaching. A practitioner of Context Mastery, Vallori is adept at vision building and breakthrough learning. With more than 15 years’ experience, she is an enthusiastic and indefatigable facilitator who conducts adult and youth leadership development programs for Momentum Education in New York and Los Angeles, and for Aiming High Inc. in Atlanta.

Vallori also operates her own nonprofit organization that provides personal effectiveness and performance training to women seeking to re-enter the workforce following an institutional hiatus. Vallori has been profiled in local newspapers, and was a recurring guest on the cable access program, “Something to Offer,” with host Annemarie Offer. She lives in New York and loves traveling the world, laughter, funky music and connecting with all people in a way that they feel valued and empowered. She is currently writing a book of inspirations called “It’s a Great Day to be Amazing.”

Bookings for keynote addresses, workshops, live events, telesummits and breakout sessions can be forwarded to


Creating Lasting Change & Optimal Wellness with Dr. Marla Friedman

Marla_FriedmanMarla Friedman, a Ph.D. in Psychology, is NYS licensed and Nationally Certified in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with over thirty years in practice. She is a Certified Nutritionist, an Associate of the Viktor Frankl Institute for Meaning Centered Therapy, an Advanced Fellow and Board Certified in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine and holds a Certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice. Dr. Friedman’s first book, Love, Freedom and Wellness: A Guide to Living an Empowered Life was published in 2014. In her private practice Dr. Friedman offers individual, couples, and group psychotherapy integrating the benefits of in depth emotional and nutritional counseling. Dr. Friedman also provides nutritional consultations on all aspects of health, wellness, prevention, and lifestyle changes.

newleaffitnessGet Up & Get Fit! with Bianca Lupo

In this seminar, Bianca Lupo, owner of New Leaf Fitness, will show you easy and effective ways to get your heart rate up anywhere, anytime, using nothing more than your own body weight and a few feet of space around you. She will get you up and out of your seat, using your bodies, and realizing that it doesn’t take a ton of time and money to workout and be fit! Take these exercises, tips, and techniques away with you to implement into your home workout routines!

photo 10About Bianca Lupo

Bianca Lupo, owner of New Leaf Fitness, is a full-time Fitness Specialist, Sports Nutritionist, and lover of life and all things wellness. After about 10 years of work experience in corporate fitness, commercial fitness, group fitness, and post-rehab fitness, she decided to apply not only her knowledge, but also her own personal experiences to her new company. Over the years, Bianca has helped hundreds of people not only reach their goals, but rediscover their confidence and self-esteem. Bianca holds her Bachelor of Science from Hofstra University in Exercise Science. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM and NSCA. She is a Certified Sports Nutritionist through ISSA, and her specialty certifications include TRX, Kettlebells, Prenatal/Postpartum Specialist, ViPR, and the Functional Movement Screen. She is a former NFL Cheerleader, loves dance more than anything else in the world, and lives on Long Island with her fiancé and two dogs.


The Aligning with Kathrine MitchellPicture 40

My intention is to bring a profound shift of peace and awareness back to the individual, so you may know the true ‘Self’. This insight will awaken your authentic state, so you live freely to trust your intuition and the universal flow of transformation. A possible opportunity will reveal itself to create a life where you are complete, and infinite possibilities are the only option. To do this, we must first Align with the higher self.

This is based on a program I created after a ten year pilgrimage of bringing guidance to my clients, as well as to the community. The unfolding of the course was a natural process as I was inspired by my travels to Sedona, AZ.

We will experience the tools of breath work and the Peace Circle. These two modalities will be utilize from the Aligning program. We will discuss the infinite possibility when we align with our intention, which than may lead to Peace – Joy, Healing, and Empowerment.

About Kathrine Mitchell

Director and Founder of The Aligning Center. As a psychic, intuitive healer, medium, artist and certified in hatha yoga, my intention is to empower people to find their own strength to make changes in their lives, heal their own spirits and understand their journey through life. Working closely with people has inspired me to create a series of meditations, workshops, and programs aimed at developing one’s own healing and intuitive abilities. I feel that it is vital for each person to understand that they have within themselves the power to live a healthy, enlightened life filled with love, peace and bliss.


Laughing Christine

Ignite your Spirit! with Christine Malenda, MhD

Your participation in a presentation with Christine will lead you to the well…of Well-Being.  For over 25 years she’s been a warrior for women’s wellness, featured author in a best-selling book series (alongside Dr. Wayne Dyer), Host of Leap to Your Destiny on WLIE 540AM, the nation’s largest and most powerful multicultural station, life changing Healer and Teacher.  This Doctor of Metaphysical Healing invites you to be fierce and Ignite Your Spirit at this year’s Conference!




Food for Thought with Soh Young Lee-Segredo

Almost all the Korean food starts with study of ingredients for each of its benefit for health. Soh Young Lee-Segredo will present Korean food, which is well known for its unique ingredients and taste!  You are in for a treat, “Food for a Thought”!





rPerformance by Rorie Kelly

People hearing rorie kelly for the first time often comment, “I can’t believe that voice came out of that body.” The singer/songwriter’s catchy, melodic style has been compared to artists ranging from Sarah Bareilles to Joni Mitchell to Janis Joplin. rorie’s debut release, Wish Upon a Bottlecap, received airplay across the nation. The singer has just released a followup CD called Sincerely Live which features knockout performances of brand new songs and fan favorites. More information is available at


1085395693Performance by Sang Lee & Joshua Lee

Sang Lee is a pianist and a singer. She started to play piano since she was five. She was a winner of national piano contest when she was ten. She started to conduct school choir when she was thirteen. She assembled vocal group “Stepping Stone” and she was a winner of MBC college music contest in 1990. She graduated “Hanyang” university in 1994. She is a member of “911 choir” and had Mozart Requiem concert for memory of September 11 in Carnegie Hall. Currently she is a lead singer of vocal group, “Grace”

Her son, Joshua Lee is an avid cellist who played the cello for 10 years. In 2012, Joshua’s quartet also known as “Rebel 4ce” was selected as a winner of the Young Ensembles Program of the Chamber Music Society by Lincoln Center. Also he attended many All-County events with qualifying NYSSMA scores. During the summer of 2013, Joshua played for the World Peace Orchestra in Avery Fisher Hall of Lincoln Center where Kevin Spacey gave the opening ceremony speech. Through the experience Joshua has learned that music plays a significant role in developing lives and achieving peace through music. His most recent orchestra performance was at Alice Tully Hall of Lincoln Center with the Children’s Orchestra Society.


farrahMessage from our Founder:

“I welcome you to GEWWC. The conference started from a passion of mine to bring women together to share, empower and educate each other in a loving environment. I am always thrilled to hear from our guests on how they have made lifelong friendships, experienced healing and felt safe enough to be themselves. To be in the room with such powerful women is rare and definitely something to cherish.”

Lift each other up…Real Women Empower!
Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison



GEWWC 2014 Magazine:


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Time Conducted BY: Seminar
12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch & Registration
1:00pm – 2:00pm Joan Frances Moran Keynote Speaker: Joan Frances Moran introduced by our Founder Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison
2:00pm – 2:30pm BREAK & NETWORKING
2:30pm – 3:00pm Sue Levy Make Healthy Eating Happen!
3:00pm – 4:00pm Vanessa Cunningham How To Reverse the 7 Signs of Stress
4:00pm – 4:10pm Dr. Marla Friedman Creating Lasting Change & Optimal Wellness
4:10pm – 4:30pm BREAK & NETWORKING (Musical Performance by Rorie Kelly)
4:30pm – 5:00pm Vallori Thomas What’s Your GPS (General Perception of Self)
5:00pm – 5:15pm Kathrine Mitchel The Aligning: create a life where you are complete with infinite possibilities
5:15pm – 5:30pm Christine Malenda Ignite your Spirit!
5:30pm – 6:00pm BREAK & NETWORKING
6:00pm – 6:30pm TBA
6:30pm – 6:45pm Bianca Weintraub Get Up and Get Fit!
6:45pm – 7:00pm Soh Young Lee Segredo Food For Thought
7:00pm – 7:30pm Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison & Misti Garritano-Hardin Women of Honor Award Ceremony
7:30pm – 7:40pm Musical Performance by Honoree Sang Lee and son Joshua Lee)
7:40pm – 8:00pm Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison Power Circles: Join us as our Founder shares her passion and dedication to creating GEWWC. Get ready to be Inspired to be You and Empowered for Action!

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