Your Mind, Your Body

GEWWC has been empowering people to start and maintain healthier lifestyles over the last 4 years. We continue our mission by working with women who exemplify different aspects of being well. This year our theme is “Your Mind,Your Body”. We understand the importance of being mentally prepared in being successful in all aspects of life. If being healthy is important to you it first has to start in your mind. In Today’s world women are Super Heroes. We are the wife, mother, business woman, sister, daughter, friend and care taker. Come join us as we learn how to boost our special abilities.

Featured Speakers:

Brain Fitness: How to Get a Push Button Memory for Life!

Wendy Richmond, aka “WILD Wendy” is a Professional Keynote Speaker and Human Resource/Training and Development Professional. She is the author of the book How to Create WILD Success Within Your Organization and creator of  She has partnered with Dave Farrow, Two Time Guinness World Record Holder for Greatest Memory because she wants to help women overcome their fears of memory loss and to show them how to achieve WILD Success with their untapped, overlooked and most valuable resource, their MIND!

4 Myths of Memory
– Aging and Expected Memory Loss
– Hard Wired Brain
– Eating and Exercise
– Types of Brain Exercises

The Feeling You Get From Being Fit

Chesna Closs is a fitness coach, video blogger and freelance writer.  She founded Fit Esteem Consulting and specializes in creating fitness programming for women and girls.  She describes fit esteem as “the feeling you get from being fit” and has made it her mission to help women and girls find their fit esteem. She has a Master’s degree from Rutgers University and worked in social services for 14 years before pursuing a career in fitness.   She is the creator of Fit Esteem Kids™ and has written several eBooks on food and exercise.  She was appointed to the New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (2010 – 2013), and is a former Newark Diet and Exercise Examiner for Currently she is studying holistic nutrition and is a member of Shaping New Jersey, the American Council on Exercise, The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, The IDEA Health and Wellness Association, and The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership.Visit

A Dash of Music for Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit!

Soh Young is a singer, vocal coach and Muiticultural Peace Mission Choir Director, Soh Young and Friends Director, founding member of Soh Young Ensemble. She has been emerged her life in music for almost entire life. She draws energy from her singing performance and they drive her in teaching, human rights work connecting communities and comminities. How music is essencial daily ingredient and it connects our body, mind, spirit and soul? Bring your natural instrument, voice, for ‘sing- a-long’. Visit to get to know her. She will sign her CD: Soh Young: Home…Where the heart is.


“I feel like I was in the presence of angels last night! Thank you so much for putting us all together and providing a place for women to find the most natural solutions to the issues we all deal with on a regular basis.”
– Susie Hadas, 2012 Exhibitor

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