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Our 2nd annual women’s wellness conference brought a new level of information depth and spiritual connection to the women who attended. Many of them were able to connect and bond by sharing their life experiences and personal stories in their search for a healthier life. The women left both empowered and inspired to take the next steps on their path to wellness. Again we were made aware of how powerful and healing the conference has been in many women’s lives. We continue to be a source of strength and look forward to meeting you next year.

We would like to thank our sponsors, exhibitors and attendees and know their partnership has attributed to the success of our event. If you are interested in sharing with us at the conference and would like to learn how you could participate send us an email at


Welcome and Keynote Address: Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison,
Environmental Scientist, CEO & Founder of Gaia’s Essence.

* The importance in investing in your health
* Learn about loose teas and their health benefits.
* The importance of reducing your salt intake
* Learn about our Tea Parties and joining the Gaia’s Essence family.


Seminar: The Thyroids role in Adrenal Diseases and Diabetes: Dr. Finker, Founder/CEO, Natupathic Medical Doctor

* Hormone imbalances and their link to weight gain.
* What is Hypothyroidism and it’s affects on your daily life.
* Natural solutions for maintaining a healthy thyroid.
* Learn how to balance your hormones naturally.


Seminar: Food Sensitivities: Jonna Thompson Morales, Holistic Health Coach
Founder/CEO – Holistic Revelations

* What are food sensitivities?
* How to detect if you are sensitive to certain foods
* The connection between food sensitivities and your immune health
* The diet for the new you.


Seminar: “How Stories Heal”: Soh Young Lee-Segredo, Professional Entertainer
Director of ‘Soh Young & Friends, Korean Idol NY 2007 Winner

* Wellness & Self Confidence
* Sharing & Success
* What’s in a name? – How your name affects your life.
* Stories that affect wellness. Special Guest: Debora Temple: Gluten Free Chef from ‘A Taste of Haven’


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