Evolve Boldly

This year we celebrate our 11th  year of the Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference. I am humbled and excited to what the conference has evolved to become. Inspiring women in our community for more than a decade to live happier healthier lives. Our theme this year, “Evolve Boldly”.  Sets the tone for us to not be timid or afraid to our own evolution. Understanding the importance of being present and patient throughout our own process as we transform to the next level.

Be Brave . Be Bold . Be You.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Sabrina Caliendo

Dr. Sabrina Caliendo is a British Chiropractor, Wellness Speaker and Writer with a special interest in creating health in the body from the inside-out. After graduating from AECC in England in 2000 she was fortunate to have practiced in Britain’s top family Chiropractic practices where she developed a love of working with pregnant women, babies and children.

Her practice at Nurture Wellbeing Chiropractic aims to maximize your health by using completely natural methods.

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Alan P. Sherr, D.C.

Dr. Sherr truly enjoys assisting others along their path to optimal health.

A champion of the philosophy of chiropractic, which emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual and views health as a dynamic process involving the body, mind and heart rather than merely an absence of disease symptoms, Dr. Sherr embraces each of his patient’s journey toward optimal health and well being as a personal one.

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How Your Biggest Crisis
Reveals Your Greatest Gift

with Dr. Debi Silber

A life crisis can be a divorce, death of a loved one, disease or devastation of some kind like abuse, betrayal, financial crisis and more. It’s something that shakes you up and creates a “psychological earthquake” where your world is compartmentalized into before and after “it” happened. It shakes you up, wakes you up and has you reevaluating what you’ve been doing and how you’ve been living. How can that crisis be the opportunity to reveal your greatest gift?

Dr. Debi Silber, founder of www.PBTInstitute.com, is a transformational psychologist, health, mindset, personal development expert and author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling Book: The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Life Crisis will show you how.

  • How a life crisis can be the greatest catalyst to change
  • What we do to prevent…or bring on a life crisis
  • The “advantages” to staying stuck instead of moving forward
  • How a life crisis leads to the strongest, wisest and most empowered version of you

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Mel Trammel
The Essential Oil Nurse

Mel Trammel is am an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils, an Essential Oil Educator and Registered Nurse for over 20. She has been an essential oil and oil infused product enthusiast for over 8 years. Mel utilizes essential oils daily to enhance her lifestyle and is thrilled to introduce new families to the health benefits of the products. 

Young Living is known globally as a leader in essential oils, they believe that everyone deserves a life full of abundance and wellness. Their vision is to bring the life-changing benefits of essential oils to every home, family, and lifestyle. Their story started more than 20 years ago with a simple, home-built essential oil distillery. Today, their farms and community span the globe. Because of our proven commitment to provide nature’s best, millions trust us to deliver superior essential oils. 

They honor their stewardship to champion nature’s living energy, essential oils, by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Featured Exhibitors

Just for The Health of it

Rosanne Orlando is an integrative nutrition health coach with her own practice; Just for The Health of it, LLC. She is a passionate advocate for encouraging a healthful lifestyle that is also fun. She works with clients on an individual and group level and is also an educator for various wellness corporations.