This year we celebrate our first decade of the Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference. I am humbled and excited as to what the conference has become and look forward to inspiring women in our community for many decades to come. Our theme this year; “ Live Your Purpose” exemplifies our mission on empowering women to live in love and to be fearless in becoming the women they are destined to be.

The theme this year reminds us of the importance of making the right choices at each stage of our lives. In my own life I have come to embrace my story. Being present in the lessons and gratitude for my blessings.

GEWWC is a safe place for women to Connect, Empower and Educate each other on living healthier happier lives. Join us as we inspire you to Live Your Purpose!

I look forward to meeting you and connecting the year on 9/15/18 in NY #WomenInspiringWomen

GEWWC 2017 Women of Honor Honorees

Founder's Welcome Address 2017 - Embrace Your Story

Featuring our 2018 Keynote Speaker Dr. Mary Ozegovich

Dr. Mary Oz

Change Expert, Therapist and Results Oriented Coach, Author, Speaker and founder of Radical Change Coaching Academy certifies coaches and teaches individuals to be more resourceful than the average person! She combines counseling and coaching with a Healing Process called Ho'oponopono and The Law of Attraction! Her clients are experiencing Radical Change in less than 30 days as she helps them can receive Healing, Miracles, inspiration, and transformation.

Recognized as a Change Expert and keynote speaker, Dr. Mary Oz speaks on topics such as Healing, Transformation, Ho’oponopono, Radical Change, The Law of Attraction and Results Oriented Living! Dr. Mary Oz has been a LCSW for 30 years, a Results Oriented Coach for 15 years and is now sought after as A CHANGE EXPERT who can help you get results quickly, powerfully and easily! You can check out Dr. Mary Oz on her Voice America Talk Radio show called Radical Change Now as well as visit her website

Radical Change Coaching Academy is an educational and inspirational program where individuals learn how to heal from within, remove their success blocks, and unlock their greatest you! Dr. Mary Oz teaches her clients the healing power of Ho’oponopono, combined with the Law of Attraction, enabling them to master manifesting quickly and easily. Dr. Mary Oz and her team also teach a powerful program called, “Results Oriented Living,” which helps individuals know themselves better than ever and have healthier and happier relationships with themselves and others. What makes our program so unique is we teach our clients how to heal first then master the Law of Attraction. Radical Change Academy works with men and women who are disappointed in their results, who are ready for the quickest, and easiest path to deep, powerful healing and Radical Change in their lives, families and business! Radical Change Coaching Academy also has the opportunity to train coaches, where they can learn to be more resourceful than the average coach and therapist! Our unique training allows coaches to excel in their success life, as well as truly understand their client’s needs/wants, emotions, unconscious conflicts and vibrational being!

GEWWC 2018 Speakers

Dr. Alan P. Sherr

Founder of the Northport Wellness Center

Dr. Alan P. Sherr is an established chiropractor since 1980, and established the Northshore Wellness Center in 1995. A holistic health care practice that takes a vitalistic approach to health care and encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own health. The mission of the Northport Wellness Center is to “direct people to the realization that life and healing come from within and that, ultimately, the promotion and maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease.” Dr. Sherr truly enjoys assisting others along their path to optimal health.  Dr. Sherr approaches all of his patients with knowledge and compassion. He recognizes that all individuals and families present with unique symptoms and experiences. Join Dr. Sherr as he demonstrates how we can discover our Optimal Health From The Inside Out.

Dr. Jillian Finker

Founder: Finker Wellness

Dr. Finker is naturopathic doctor, she combines the latest scientific information along with natural therapeutics, to provide individualized treatments for her patients. Dr. Finker has over ten years of clinical experience. Dr. Finker specializes in women’s health, helping females with various hormonal problems ranging from PMS to infertility. She is an expert when it comes to helping patients with thyroid issues, gastrointestinal problems, and anxiety. She utilizes nutrition, supplements, homeopathy and various other healing techniques to help heal her patient’s. Dr. Finker was selected as the “Best Alternative Doctor on Long Island” for 2011, 2012 and 2013. She has appeared on various television programs and acts as a consultant for several international companies. Her work has been featured in various books and major magazines nationwide. It’s About Wellness Naturally, her latest publication is available on Amazon

Orlandina Balan

IFBB, Founder the Fitter Woman

Orlandina's fitness journey began in the Fall of 2011.  It was a time filled with doubts, uncertainties and unknowns. The gym initially served as a place to help her escape the stressors in my life at that time. After awhile the purpose of the gym changed. It became a vehicle which would help her to look directly at her circumstances and face them head on. The company has three-fold purpose; to expose women and families to various forms physical fitness activities; to educate women and families about good eating habits and how to sustain them with busy lifestyles; to empower women and families by helping them to develop healthy and positive mindset. Orlandina demonstrates how to set our worries aside, strengthen our resolve and prepare our mind, body and spirits for change. In the process you will unveil and discover the Fitter Woman that lies within yourself.

Linda Springer

Financial Advisory

Linda joined Primerica in 2003 after hearing about a business opportunity from a Primerica Representative. At that time in her life, she was working as a Museum Curator and was searching for a chance to improve my family's quality of life. For me, the Primerica Opportunity was a dream come true. Linda is an investment advisor with Primerica for 20 years, teaching families how to save for retirement, how to protect their families with life insurance, and how to stay debt free. Prior accomplishments include co-authoring 3 Field Guides on Long Island's Woodland, Wetlands and Seashores.

Jose Grullon, CWS CI

Founder: Purifed Water Solutions

José Grullón was coached by pioneers in the water treatment industry since then. As an exclusive authorized dealer of Puronics® Water Systems (founded in 1947), Bluewater Group among others, José has marked the path of “Optimal Health and Lifestyle” to his clients with his passion and integrity. As a Certified Water Specialist and Installer from The Water Quality Association, José has earned the trust of everyone looking to improve the water consumed at homes and business locations.”

Mel Trammel

My name is Melodin “Mel “ Trammel. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, educator and essential oil lover. A Registered Nurse of 29 years. I had lost my passion for nursing and worked solely out of financial obligation. Back in 2009 a doula walks into our birthing center with her laboring client, and I had no idea how much my life was about to be blessed and changed forever. I watched how she cared for this woman. These were all the things I had lost from my nursing career. It brought tears to my eyes. The most profound piece was the essential oils she used. I felt as if I could breathe, focus.

GEWWC 2018 Speakers