Welcome to the 9th Annual Gaia's Essence Women's Wellness Conference September 2, 2017 | Melville Marriott

GEWWC 2017 | 9/2/17 | 9:00am - 5:00pm Melville Marriott | 1350 Walt Whitman Rd Melville, NY 11747

Address from our Founder: Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison, Environmental Scientist

This year we are celebrating 9 years of hosting our Women's Wellness Conference. A safe place for women to Connect, Empower and Educate each other on living healthier happier lives. We Empower Women to love who they are while embracing their journey of LIFE. Our theme this year: Embrace Your Story: celebrates our differences, diversities and experiences. They have made us stronger. Let's respect and support each other.

Often we all are embarrassed, ashamed or angry at the different paths our lives may have taken. The so called set backs are actually just lessons, giving us the tools required to remain in gratitude for the gift of life. We are all on different parts of our journey to Optimum Wellness.

Come enjoy a fun filled day of informative seminars, meet industry health and business professionals, health and business coaches, top speakers of their fields,  meet medical and naturopathic doctors, while networking with other diverse selection of Exhibitors and Authors. We welcome you to join us as we Empower Women to Live!

Peace, Health and Love

Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison

2017 Speakers

Our lineup of top industry professionals.

Dr. Linda Golden

GEWWC 2017 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Golden is a graduate of the New York University Dental School, and possesses a solid background in intergrade biological and holistic dentistry. Her training also included working closely with alternative and biological dentist Dr. Reid Winick. Dr. Golden completed a two-year internship with Dr. Rau at Switzerland's Paracelsus Institute, in an effort to further solidify her holistic approach to dental therapies. She always strives to keep her skills on the cutting edge of technology. She and her team have spent countless hours gaining education in the newest technologies, including laser therapies, 3D digital radiography, ozone therapy, use of zirconia, and much more.

Lenserf group

CEO Farnia Fresnel

The Lenserf Group is a project management consulting and coaching firm focused on igniting transformational changes in organizations and individuals. Having served clients across the US and in 31 countries, our highly motivated global clients are often challenged with: planning and implementing complex strategic initiatives, driving change, growing stronger leaders to support those endeavors, and building geographically diverse, fully engaged teams. At The Lenserf Group, we listen to your priorities and set you on the right path. Project & Program Management Executive Coaching Leadership Development Staff Augmentation Workshops/Seminars/Speaking Engagements

Dr. Mike Berlin

Long Island club reduce and Family Wellness Center.

Dr. Michael Berlin is trained as a highly skilled and talented healer and communicator. Noted as a gentle, intuitive, and gifted healer, he brings to the community over 25 years of experience working in health care and mind-body healing. Dr. Berlin is a well-known speaker/educator, has been a wellness coach for thousands of people, and is a fully trained group facilitator. Dr. Berlin practices nutrition, weight loss, stress resolution, and holistic chiropractic in Plainview with Dr. Rabinowitz, who have both dedicated their lives to helping families heal their bodies and their lives! 516-822-8499. Breakthrough, All-natural weight loss that heals the weight problem forever! Seminar Description: Dr. Michael Berlin, one of Long Island's best holistic health centers and seen on News 12, will discuss the true causes and cures of weight gain. He will show how to naturally maintain a healthy weight. Giving the body what it needs to naturally heal.

2017 Exhibitors

Board reviewed and approved companies empowering health

Dr. Linda Golden

Michelle Andrea Stewart

Karen Carter

Debe Schirone

2017 Author Alley

Authors who empower us all to be Amazing

Linda Williams

Author of "Church Etiquette"

April Diane

Author: The Greatest Gift of All

Affirmation of the Positive Mind: I am a successful student. I learn with passion. I attract positive people and positive situations. Negativity cannot hurt me. I make good choices. I love myself. Everyday is an for my to achieve the greatness that lies within me. Quote: GEWWC 2017 Speaker Orlandina Balan