An exclusive room where kids can be Healthy, Creative and have lots of Fun.The products and services showcased in the kids room are be approved by our GEWWC board and are kid friendly, fun and natural. If you would like to learn about how you can participate in the Kids Room during the conference or teach a kids class please email us at If you are a parent and would like your child to enjoy their own schedule of activities while you have fun with your friends you can Register your child here. Benefits for children participating in the classes: Exploring new art materials & textures Experiencing new forms of artistic expressions & movements Identify & Interact with reptiles while understanding and exploring science facts Socializing with other children & Being creative in a group settingImproving fine m

Meet our Teachers


Kids Room Coordinator

Melissa is a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Instructor and licensed New York State Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist. Melissa combines her knowledge to teach Mothers’ and their tween daughters playful yoga exercises to “open up” and strengthen the mind, body & spirit, improving focus, body image, and self-esteem. Melissa practices her messages with her two daughters everyday. Classes are forming in the Huntington, Long Island Area. Yoga Wisdom is on Facebook and class schedules can be found at

Jackie Demeri Costello

Kids Room Teacher

Jackie Demeri Costello has over 25 years of experience teaching children, families, adults and seniors. Her work is inspired by a love for people and animals, along with a passion for making yoga, literature, and creativity accessible to all in a fun and empowering way. Jackie holds several yoga and parent education certifications, a Diploma with Distinction from the London Montessori Centre, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. John’s University. Jackie is the author of the Mom’s Choice Gold Award winning book, Animooves: Yoga & Creativity Inspired by Animals, illustrated by Michele Beckhardt-Lada, and available on Amazon. She invites you to visit her website at Animooves

Kids Room Agenda


Taught by: Jackie Demeri Costello

Join us for a playful, interactive story time and "farm-fresh" craft activity for young children presented by Miss Jackie, author of Animooves: Yoga & Creativity Inspired By Animals. We will practice yoga, learn about healthy foods, and share a whimsical new version of a classic tale of cooperation. After the reading there are two craft choices. For the younger set, a tissue paper carrot and for slightly older, a mouse bookmark. We look forward to sharing some wholesome, harvest-season fun!